Orchestra  (20 + players):



Ensemble (5 – 20 players):

  • Danses sous l’emprise de la peur, d’après Paul Klee (2016-2017), 6′, for solo viola and ensemble (B. Fl, E.H, Ten. Sax, Bar. Sax; Pi, Perc, Acc, Hp.), to be premiered by Ars Nova and Proxima Centauri in July 2017 during COMPOLAB academy.
  • Strophes (2016-2017),  commissionned by Orchestre Poitou-Charentes  , 6′, for wind quintet (with usual doublings) and string quintet. To be premiered in 2019.
  • Vantablack (2016), 7′, For Horn and three instrumental groups (Fl, Cl, Bar. Sax (doubling Sop. Sax), Tbn; Fl, B. Cl, Ten. Sax, Tpt; Perc, Vi, Vc, Db). Written for Briay Conditt and Nebula Ensemble. Premiered in Denver the 15/10/2017.


Chamber (2 – 5 players):

  • New work, (2016-2018), 8′, for Flute (doubling Picc.), Clarinet (doubling B. Cl.), Piano, Violin and Cello. Written for Ensemble Fractales. Premiere in Bruxelles during 2019.
  • …repêcher les étincelles de sens négligées…, (2018), for Alto Flute (doubling Picc. and Bass Fl.), Bass Clarinet and Cello. Commissionned by Ensemble Zellig, to be premiered in Paris, Reid Hall, 13 October 2018.
  • Little Adventurer, d’après Paul Klee (2016-2017), 6′, for soprano saxophone, accordion and viola, to be premiered by Ars Nova and Proxima Centauri in July 2017 during COMPOLAB academy.
  • Mas o Menos, hommage à Frank Stella (2016), 5′, for Piano, Violin, Viola, and Cello. Written for Quatuor Kaliste. Premiere in Bruxelles in June 2018.




  • Étude de Distorsion, (2016) 2′, for solo Piano. Premiere in April 2017 by Thierry Gasset, dedicated to Philippe Boesmans.
  • Anach, (2015), 8′, for solo Violin. Written for Jeanne-Marie Conquer, from the Ensemble Intercontemporain


 Electronic Music:


  • Slih’a (2015), 3′, for B flat Trumpet and electronics. Premiered in Poitiers in April 2015 by Cécile Dupont.


Works in progress :

  • New piece for ensemble, Avanti! Chamber Orchestra, 2018.
  • Concerto for Cello and Ensemble (15-20′), 2018-2019.